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Submitted on
August 16, 2010
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You walk into the Grey Area, one side of the room has a poker game taking place while on the other side a few members just rest on the couches, minding their own business. No one seemed to be doing work and then you realize no one was there to assign you today's mission.
" Come on over here." the red-head called to you. You walk over and join the small group at the table.
" Why is everyone just hanging around?" you ask.
" Vacation day." Luxord stated, not even lifting his gaze off his cards.
" So that means everyone can do what they want?"
" You catch on quickly!" Axel teased. He let out a grunt as you send a kick in his direction. There were times, or most of the time, when his humor just didn't amuse you.
" Well, then see you all later, I'm going to sleep." Just as you push back your seat, it abruptly stopped. You look down and see Axel's foot placed in front of the legs of the chair.
" Why don't you join our game?"
" I don't gamble, and if I did, I'd beat you." you taunted.
" I'm sensing a challenge. Game on, Princess." His nicknames drove you off the edge more than his humor. You push your chair back in and get a hand in the next deal.
" Axel, I think you should call it quits." Demyx advised as one of the few spectators of the game. In the past hour, you've won the most hands, leaving your three competitors gasping, Axel taking the most damage. He looks up at you, scowling at you as you wore the triumphant smirk. Throwing his hands down on the table, which captured everyone's attention, he stood up and left without another word. You excuse yourself and quickly run after him, catching him in the hallway as he made his way to his room.
" Axel wait!"
" I'd rather not." he responded coldly. You run up to him and grab his arm, stopping him so he could look at you. His glare scared you at first, seeing how it completely conflicted with the nature of his being; the ice in his stare almost felt painful and you quickly let go of him, as if the ice could cover you in that instant.
" There's no reason to be upset, you know. It was just a game. There weren't even real bets." You try to sound strong, but being as unpredictable as he was, you took a cautious step back. His gaze softened at your gesture.
" I don't do well with losing. Got it memorized?"
" Then maybe you shouldn't set your own standards so high." A growl erupted from his throat and you jump back, anticipating a possible flare to come from him as his muscles tightened up in his arms and his body became rigid.
" That's not for you to decide!" he yelled. His eyes finally found their way to yours and he stopped. Everything around you seemed to stop as he stared at you, longingly. The look in your eyes sent a pain through his body because of the scare that he caused you. Thinking of the fastest way for you to escape, you open a dark portal and run through it.
You lay across the low branch of the tree on the island, looking out into the water. Something about this place brought you tranquility. And the fact that you wouldn't be bothered because no one knew where to find you. The sky was painted with dark reds and purples as the sun seemed to disappear under the water. The silence of the air, besides the waves crashing on the shore, felt too good to be true and you realize there was a presence of another. With a sigh, you sit up and they walk over and stand next to you, leaning on the branch.
" Hey." he quietly greeted. You wonder how on earth he possibly knew you were here, of all places, but there were more important things to think about. " I'm sorry for how I acted. There was no reason for me to get so upset."
" Glad you see it my way." you say coldly.
" I hope you can forgive me."
" So you can do it again sometime in the future?" You yell as you turn to face him. His emerald eyes reflect the deepest regret, but they couldn't get the best of you. Not again. You return your gaze to the ocean.
" I don't know what comes over me. It's like I can't control it."
" Then maybe you should do something else about it, before someone gets hurt."
" I would never hurt you!" he shouted. He lifted himself to sit next to you and takes your hand. You look up to meet his eyes. To you, they said it was the biggest truth in the world. " I just couldn't do that to you."
" Today showed otherwise." You reply, but inside, you couldn't help but believe him. His hand reaches to lift up your chin, so your face was close to his. " You make me do crazy things. Things I would never be able to explain if it wouldn't be for you." Your hand reaches up to his cheek like a magnet, as you gently caress his face.
" Then show me." you practically whisper. The last you saw was a small grin on his face as you closed your eyes. His lips brushed yours lightly before he pressed for a kiss. Your lips meshed together more perfectly than you ever imagined. His tongue easily parted your lips as he deepened the kiss, the feeling of what you think would be elation filling your body. Almost losing your balance, his strong arms wrapped around your waist and he lifted you into his lap as your arms circled around his neck securely. Your lips break away, letting oxygen flow in and you bring yourself as close to him as possible, letting him rest his head on your shoulder. He kissed your neck sweetly, trailing to your jaw before he pulled away to look in your eyes.
" Do you believe me?" he asked, a smile playing on his lips. You nod your head and then respond,
" It's not me making you do crazy things. It's love." His smile grew and made its way to your face as he kissed your nose. You mirrored his smile and leaned your forehead against his.
" I love you." At the sound of those words, you felt complete, despite how your kind should be.
so this is my first one shot, decided to make it for axel lovers =] I wasn't sure if i wanted to make it so serious at first, but this is just how it came to me. So there you go, a little bit of Axel's ugly side, but it's true, you do crazy things when in love.

axel, luxord, demyx belong to square enix
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